booboodmb (booboodmb) wrote in drop_dead_deaf,


NaMe: Anthony
AgE: 27
Grade/School: MPH degree from NOVA Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale); Bachelor of Science - UMass Amherst
LoCatIoN: Revere, MA
SeX: male
DeAf/HOH/Hearing/other: HOH, hearing aids in both ears
Your Hobbies/Interests: writing, creative stuff, outdoor adventures, Jeeps, video games
Favorite Movies: Godfather, Goodfellas, Garden State, Fight Club, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill, Snatch, Seven, Saw

My journal entries are more about my life story. I want to practice my writing skills and figured it would be great to write about the many stories that I'd love to tell. Check out my journal, and it might be best to read it from the first entry to current as I am going to try to make it flow chronologically.
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I added you as a friend :-). Feel free to do the same.