Belle (etherealxmuse) wrote in drop_dead_deaf,

Name:  (Rachel) Belle
Age: 21 (22 at the end of April)
Grade/School: Kind of a senior in college, haha.  I'm not done with my education degree yet, so I'll be here for a while.
Location:  West Virginia
Sex:  female
Deaf/HOH/Hearing/other:  Hearing
Your Hobbies/Interests:  I love creative writing.  Writing and sign language are two areas that I've been incredibly interested in since I was a grade-schooler.  I read a lot, so I guess that makes me a nerd, lol.
Favorite Movies: I love Disney movies: the Little Mermaid is my favorite.  I also like a League of their Own.  Ever After.  50 First Dates.  ...I watch a lot of movies, so it's kind of hard to pick just a few as my favorites.  I love scary movies, too. 

****I've actually joined this community in hopes of getting a deaf (or hearing individual experienced in ASL) videopal.  I graduated last summer with my Associate's in American Sign Language Communications/Interpreting, not because I want to interpret so much as I just wanted to know the language.  But, since coming back to school, I haven't been able to use what I've learned and I feel my signing skills depleting.  I need some help.  (=  I have a webcam!  Maybe we can communicate via that - and someone can help me get my skills up again?

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